Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Exercise: Not the Hardest Part of Getting a Workout

I arrived in my basement bearing my netbook and my iPod, and sat down at my exercise bike for my workout. I plugged my iPod into the speakers, and took a few idle peddles, glancing at the tray table. Rats. I forgot to bring a drink. Oh well. Too much work to go all the way upstairs to get one now.


Okay, in what universe does
that make sense? I'm going to stay down here and exercise for an hour but walking up a flight of stairs for a drink is too much effort?

I went back up for the drink.

PS: In the realm of things which are apparently take more effort than exercising: moving the exercise bike a couple of feet so the sun from the window doesn't hit my eyes while I'm on it.
Tags: exercise

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