Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

MUCK client

Anyone know a decent MUCK client that works with Windows 7? I used to use SimpleMU, but it's not installing properly in Win7. Right after I install it, it gives me the option "Would you like to launch SimpleMU now?" and that will successfully launch it. Running the program thereafter, however, doesn't work unless I repeat the install and launch from the install again. Which is a pretty tedious way of using a program. v.v

So, any other suggestions?

edit: <lj user="terrycloth"> solved the mystery! Vista/Win7 has a security feature that prevents some programs from running unless you use "run as administrator". So I set the program to always run as administrator and now it works normally. Except that the pop-up warning me it could change my computer and asking me if I want to let it run comes up every time I launch, which is kind of annoying. But <i>that</i> annoying.
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