Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

30in30 in Progress

I am actually keeping up with my 30in30 plan, rather to my surprise.

  1. LJ entry: 30in30 Redux: Writing. Sign & Sacrifice: Another Sign (written weeks ago, finally posted).

  2. Sign & Sacrifice: Delirious

  3. Sign & Sacrifice: Malicious Rumors

  4. World Tree session

  5. LJ entry: Actually, Yes, You Can Overdo It

  6. World Tree session

  7. Sign & Sacrifice: Ready or Not

  8. Sign & Sacrifice: Apologies

  9. Sign & Sacrifice: Conversations

  10. World Tree session

  11. LJ entry: Real Things

So it's not involving as much as straight fiction as I expected. I've been counting sessions for World Tree and not notes and starters so much, although I've been spending what feels like a lot of time on notes especially. I think I'm spending a lot more time thinking of things than I am remembering to write them down. Today, I feel like I have way too many ideas that I should write down, and not a whole lot of motivation to write them down. I'll do something, though. I don't want to get off track on the weekend, which is generally the easiest time to write. It's hard to squeeze out time for writing during the week.

Also, I feel like I'm cheating by counting LJ entries and roleplay sessions. Even though I explicitly told myself at the outset that they count. Go figure.

This doesn't count, though. Too little content. :)

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