Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

World Tree IC Journal

I kinda went back and forth on how I wanted to do the technical end, with the three options being:

1) Just use my own journal and give the entries their own tag.

  • I have a permanent account already and don't want to pay for a subscription on another one

  • I don't have to fuss about with logging out and logging in all the time

  • People are more likely to read it if inertia puts it on their friends list


  • Not as tidy as having a separate account

  • If the entries are all as neepy as the first one, most of the people on my friends list aren't going to be interested in it

  • In the context of the way the journal's written, a separate account makes more sense

  • I don't get an auto-link back to the right journal when I make comments, even if they're supposed to be IC.

2) Make a new journal

  • If I comment with a new IC journal, anyone following the link will go back to the IC journal and not to random whatever-the-latest-enty-in-my-journal-is.


  • Argh unpaid journal the PAIN

  • Logging in and out on my SK YUCK.

  • No one will friend it or read it.

3) Make a new community

  • No logging in and out annoyances

  • If I post from Rowyn, I get the advantages of my paid account


  • No one will friend or read it

After some hemming and hawing, and making up both a community and an account, I finally settled on using the community: delight_in_wt. I may use the LJ account to leave comments, but I think the only entry in her journal will be a pointer to the community.

First post is up in the community, if anyone is curious after my massive underselling of it. >:)

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