Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Finding What I'm Looking For

Having massively under-sold my new journal on Monday morning, I've been very enthusiastically writing for it since. With exactly the kind of enthusiasm I wanted to re-discover when I decided to do the 30in30 this month. That sense of not merely wanting to have written, but of wanting to write. Not only having lots of ideas for what to write, and being eager to do the actual writing. To the point of "I am trying to do my job while I'm at work and not keep picking up my SK to write, but I find myself staring off into space for ten minutes at a time daydreaming about the new story anyway."

This makes me happy.

So more characters and a story arc for delight_in_wt has developed in my head, and I've posted a couple more entries to it which I've enjoyed re-reading and which are more-or-less intelligible even to people who aren't World Tree fans. Which is to say: there's still plenty of references to the setting, but in a pick-it-up-from-context as-you-go-along mode. Which is what I generally aim for in my fantasy anyway.

Given my new excitement, I figured I'd take a stab at actually selling it instead of telling people about it and adding "but it's awful". I like it now. I invite you all to take a look, and suggest you start with the second entry, especially if the first entry is impenetrable.
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