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June 30in30: Wrap Up

I did hit my goal for writing in June, which I'm pretty happy about. I wound up counting World Tree sessions based on when I ran them, rather than counting game prep. Game prep takes a significant amount of time but is, nonetheless, hard to measure. A lot of what I do for games is write down notes about this or that detail of the setting or NPCs, or stat out monsters, or make maps, or whatnot. Writing the openers for logs isn't the least of it, but it's not the most of it, either.

Anyway, this is my final list of the thirty pieces of writing for June:

1. LJ 30in30 Entry, Sign & Sacrifice: Another Sign written weeks ago finally posted.
2. Sign & Sacrifice: Delirious
3. Sign & Sacrifice: Malicious Rumors
4. World Tree session
5. LJ entry on 'Make it worse' writing advice
6. World Tree session
7. Sign & Sacrifice: Ready or Not
8. Sign & Sacrifice: Apologies
9. Sign & Sacrifice: Conversations
10. World Tree session
11. LJ entry: Real Things
12. Delight-In-WT: Dear Boomsy
13. LJ entry: Art FAIL
14. Delight-in-WT: Day Off!
15. Delight-in-WT: Sleeth!
16. Delight-in-WT: The City Guard
17. World Tree session
18. Delight-in-WT: Leap into this Pond of Swimmy Orren
18a. LJ entry: US Census
19. Delight-in-WT: Sythyrs!
20. Delight-in-WT: One Enchanted Lab
21. Delight-in-WT: Going to Temple
22. Delight-in-WT: Reflections in the Void
23. Delight-in-WT: Void-Dancer
24. WT session
25. Delight-in-WT: Scrolling Through
25a. Delight-in-WT: Poll!
26. Delight-in-WT: Boomstarter Sevendrums
27. Delight-in-WT: Going Rassy
28. Delight-in-WT: Revoked
30. Delight-in-WT: Family History

So the breakdown is:

Five Sign & Sacrifice entries
Five World Tree game sessions
Four LJ entries
Sixteen delight_in_wt entries (two of which haven't been posted yet)
One poll
And a couple of LJ entries too short to count for this

That's quite a lot of World Tree-related writing. Considerably more than I'd intended to do at the outset. On the one hand, I am having tremendous fun writing delight_in_wt. On the other, I am aware that I only have so much writing in me each day, and if I keep hammering away at fanfic I'm not going to get any of my other projects done. So I'm hoping to write more of Sign & Sacrifice over the long weekend. If that doesn't happen, I'm going to buckle myself down to a 10in10 some time in July and have it just be Sign & Sacrifice. The story is 50-60% finished now, and I'd like it to be entirely finished someday. In the next few years. As opposed to the next few decades, which is what it's going to take at this pace.

Still, I'm pleased overall, most of all because I've been enjoying the writing this month. It still feels like a chore, but it's also something I've felt like doing and enjoyed. It's been a good month.
Tags: 30in30, writing about writing
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