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Seriously, this thing where I go to bed after midnight and get up around 7AM = !working. z.z I almost called in to work so I could go back to bed. Instead, I have staggered in for an unproductive work day of EPIC proportions.

In unrelated news: having completely failed to write anything but delight_in_wt for the last month, my plan is to do a 10in10 of just Sign & Sacrifice* entries, starting tonight. I’m not actually going to post a S&S each day, because after writing Delight for a month I’ve come to like having a (modest) buffer of posts ready to go. So I’ll probably post them at two a week, on Wednesday and Friday. Assuming I actually manage to keep writing Delight (she has a buffer of two and a half posts right now), that should add up to one post a weekday for those who read both UnfinishedTales and delight_in_wt. (All two of you!) I have some doubts about the viability of this, even for the very short term that I’m planning.

* Alternatively, I may write Birthright. S&S is closer to completion and I'm somewhat more motivated or at least clueful about what I'm doing with it, though. So betting on S&S.

The plan looks like this:

- Fri-Sun: write 3-4 S&S entries and finish 0-1 Delight entries
- Monday: Post entry to delight_in_wt
- Tuesday: Post entry to delight_in_wt
- Wednesday: Post entry to UT
- Thursday: Post entry to delight_in_wt
- Friday: Post entry to UT
- Sometime Mon-Fri: write 2-4 S&S entries and 1 Delight entry
- Fri-Sun*: write 2-4 S&S entries and 1-2 Delight entries

* Technically, this extends to "sometime Monday evening" since I'm not starting the 10in10 until tonight. This may be relevant.

Assuming I manage this, and that I keep writing Delight entries at a rate of three a week thereafter, that would have me posting at a rate of 5/week (in one place or another) for the next month. Which would be rather cool.

On the one hand, I am not sure if it will work. I’ve resolved to myself that I would WRITE MOAR a half-dozen times in the last couple of years, with few tangible results apart from the 30in30 I did last month. On the other hand, almost every time I’ve written a post that commited me to a specific short-term goal, I’ve kept to it. I hit all my short-term goals for Prophecy (although not the more ambitious long-term ones), I stuck with the 30in30 in January and June, I finished NaNoWriMo in 2007, I’ve succeeded at almost all of my measurable NYR’s, I completed a 24-hour comic. I think making a post that I says “I Will Do X” is psychological magic for me. Weirdly, while it matters that I post about doing it (when I just tell myself I’ll do it, I don’t), it doesn’t matter if anyone can verify that I’ve accomplished it or not. I will know if I did the thing I told you I’d do or not, and that apparently suffices.

So. Going for it.

After work. And a nap. z.z
Tags: 10in10, nyr, nyr 2010, writing about writing
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