Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Okay, I'll Call That Ten

I'm declaring victory on my plan to write ten Sign & Sacrifice entries in ten days. Some of them are pretty anemic entries and it took me until 6PM today to finish the last one, but I'll take it.

It wasn't much writing by NaNoWrimo standards: six or seven thousand words in ten days, versus seventeen thousand. But the story is progressing again, and maybe having worked on it for a while I'll be more motivated to keep at it. I guess I'll know it four weeks, if I've run out of buffer and don't have anything new to post yet. o.o;;

Other things I did last week:

* Wrote three delight_in_wt entries so that I'd have one for last Thursday, today, and tomorrow (rightly reasoning that I wasn't going to want to write one tonight for tomorrow).
* Ran the usual World Tree game on Thursday instead of cancelling it so I'd have more time to write.
* Went to work each day instead of calling in so I'd have more time to write.

So, yay me, I didn't blow off any of my other commitments so I could make the newest one. I just made it anyway. Yay!

Incidentally, I wound up doing almost all the writing on S&S on the weekends. Two entries on each Saturday & Sunday, one entry on the last Friday, and one entry today. I did very little during the week apart from some game prep for World Tree.

I am still trying to persuade myself that the schedule I am currently shooting for -- two entries for S&S and three for Delight-in -- is somehow reasonable. I just have to write a few Delight-in entries during the week and a couple of S&S on the weekend and I'm good. Please disregard that this adds up to more words per month than The Master Plan that almost broke me when I was writing Prophecy. Yeah.

For now, I'll just rest on my laurels. And get an entry together for Delight so I have something to post there Thursday.
Tags: 10in10, writing about writing
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