Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,


So I got this new Android phone. I want to like it. I really do. But it's not making it easy for me. Particularly when it is inexplicably missing what seems like very simple functionality.

Like being able to cut and paste from email.

I mean, what? I can't select text in an email from my inbox? What? There is no menu option for it. Menu-A does "reply" which unhelpfully makes an uneditable attachment out of the email. Forward also makes it an attachment.

Does anyone know a way to select and copy text from an email received (not a draft) using an Android phone? Is this a charming quirk of my particular model or a feature of the OS? The select-text feature of the web browser is ... not very functional, either. Is there a select-all for the browser?

My phone has a touch screen, and I am really starting to miss to miss having a non-touch screen. Trying to select a particular place to edit text using my fingers is ... painful.
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