Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

I’ve decided to take the rest of the month off from my
fiction-posting-schedule.  This is in large part because I haven’t really been enjoying writing to deadline for the last few weeks.  It’s also because I’ve had a houseguest since Friday evening, and while I could have ignored tahkhleet to get some writing done, I haven’t wanted to. And next week, I am going to be visiting terrycloth in Seattle from Thursday evening through Wednesday, and I’m not going to want to ignore him in favor of writing either.  I plan to snatch bits of time at work to write this and that, but not fourteen entries’ worth.  I might make some erratic posts, but I’ll probably just save it for October. There’s a pretty good chance I’ll switch to posting fewer entries per week in October, but I dunno exactly what I’m going to do yet.
In related news, since I’m not making enough time to
do all of the things I want to do now, I’ve been thinking about adding a new timesink to my schedule.  Yeah, that doesn’t actually make any sense.  But I haven’t been in a PBEM since April or so and I miss it.  Also, for a while I was in multiple PBEMs and none of them actually consumed my entire life.  So who knows?  Maybe I can start another one without it spending every waking second on it.
Some time back, bard_bloom wrote a draft of a game where the premise was that the PCs played newly-hatched baby dragons from the same clutch.  The hatchlings would be born with sophisticated racial memories and strong personalities, but no parents (the eggs of the species routinely outlast the parents before hatching) and little knowledge of the contemporary world into which they are born. I was thinking of tinkering a bit with Bard's draft (with its permission) and running a half-assed PBEM around using the system. 

By "half-assed", I mean mainly that it'll run until I and/or my players get bored/sick of it. I'm not going to push myself to keep going for weeks even if it feels like work. I ask that my players do likewise -- if a week or more goes by when you haven't found yourself enjoying the game, please withdraw.  Much as I love bringing a game to a satisying conclusion, I'm not setting my heart on doing so with this one. Which means it'll probably die somewhere in the middle. I'm okay with that.  If I have more than one player, I will try to arrange it so that PCs can be written out without having to be killed off, so that the game can survive a player's departure.

So: anyone interested in playing a young dragon testing her wings on an unknown world? If you are, please leave a comment or send an email to my rowyn-at-livejournal address. :)
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