Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

The Droid App I'm Looking For

So I have decided to keep the Android smartphone, mostly because it was too much effort to look for a phone + provider I liked better. I probably make too many decisions based on this sort of unenlightened laziness.

Nonetheless. I have a T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide running Android 2.1 update 1. (I am not particularly keen on hacking about to get it to run Android 2.2).

I would like to have an app that could view, edit, and save Google Docs, particularly spreadsheets and word documents. My old Sidekick autosynced all data with the server, which meant that (apart from the fatal crash of October '09), all data was automatically backed up. I am unthrilled at the prospect of having to do manual backups; hence, my desire to use Google Docs. The Gmail app does autosync with Gmail, which is great. But I dislike the way it handles drafts, especially that (a) it autosaves and closes drafts whenever I switch apps and (b) it doesn't appear on the shortcuts list like every other app. Hence, it's annoying to use as a text editor.

I was going to get QuickOffice, but it looks like their latest update broke it, judging by the comments on the market. None of the other apps -- and there are many under the search term "Google Docs"! -- look like they do what I want. Namely, download a doc, let me edit it, and then save it back to the server. (GDocs will download word docs and edit them, and has a save button ... but it doesn't actually, y'know. Save the changes. o.O)

Is anyone using an Android app that does this?
Tags: smartphone
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