Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Hatchling PBEM: Call for Players

So I've been noodling more with ideas for the Hatchling game, and I am now in the raring-to-start-running stage of the project. bard_bloom has agreed to play, and I will run the game with just him if no one else is interested. But I'd like to have a few more players, and since I massively undersold the game last time I mentioned it, I figured I'd give a bit more background on the idea and ask again. :D

Brief overview of the premise:

The game begins with the PCs as newly-hatched niobium dragons from the same clutch. Niobium dragons have strong racial memories, so the hatchlings are born with significant knowledge of what their race and world are like, and will learn more as they mature and their memories improve. This is important, because niobium dragon eggs only hatch every few thousand years and they live for a few centuries, so the hatchlings' parents are all dead. Niobium dragon hatchlings rely strongly on their clutchmates, who are their closest friends and allies, perhaps the only beings in the world that they can trust completely. ("Clutchmates", in this case, refers to the physical proximity of the eggs during gestation and hatching; a single clutch will have many different parents and the eggs are rarely related by blood.)

Niobium dragon hatchlings mature and grow in power quickly. While the initial posts of the game will concern cat-sized dragonlings who struggle with hunting for food and avoiding predators, their world will quickly get larger and more complex.
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