Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Fly the Invasive Skies

The TSA has not only rolled out full body X-Ray machines, but they've changed the procedure on pat-downs to make them more invasive. So if you want to fly out of many airports, you have to consent to either a virtual strip-search or having your privates groped.


"We are absolutely committed to getting the scanners and the groping rolled back," said George Donnelly, one of the organizers of national Opt Out Day, which urges airline passengers to protest the scanners by choosing the invasive—and time-consuming—pat-downs.

I really hope they succeed.

Edit: I didn't bother to mention this, but the fact is that I don't think that all of this invasive, time- and money-wasting "screening" is going to have any significant impact on flight safety, and even if it did it would just mean that the same terrorists would do just as much damage via some different method of attack. It's all a giant waste of energy and pointless humiliation of passengers for no gain. :(
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