Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,


One of the things that I thought would be nice about having a new smartphone was that it'd play Youtube videos and such like. Because the Android OS supports Flash.

And for about three weeks, my phone could play videos. Then Youtube and apparently every other video form on the web upgraded to a new form of Flash which Adobe hasn't released of the Android, and my smartphone can no longer play videos.


Between the crappy keyboard* and the no-cut-and-paste-email, I am almost tempted to buy an old Sidekick from e-Bay.

* Salesperson on the crappy keyboard: "You get used to it."
Me on the crappy keyboard, after 12 days' use: "I think I'll get used to it."
Me on the crappy keyboard, after two months' use: ".... I think what I'm getting used to is NOT WRITING on my phone."
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