Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

"A Bag of Interesting"

Krud noted on Twitter that the slogan on his bag of Chex Mix(tm) was "A Bag of Interesting"(tm). I've been trying to imagine the conversation which led to using this.

Director: What is this? You call this a slogan?
Marketing Guy: Sorry, sir. All of the good slogans are taken.
Director: What, all of them?
Marketing Guy: Yes, sir.
Director: Can't we use something simple like "Tastes great"?
Marketing Guy: Bud Light trademarked that already, sir.
Director: "Mm mm good"?
Marketing: Campbell's Soup.
Director: "They're GREAT"?
Marketing: Frosted Flakes.
Director: "Try it, you'll like it"?
Marketing: Alka-seltzer.
Director: Really? Alka-Seltzer?
Marketing: Yes, sir.
Director: Howabout just "Enjoy"?
Marketing: Coca-Cola.
Director: There must be something left. Didn't your team come up with anything else that wasn't already in use?
Marketing Guy: ... yes. But they're no better.
Director: Lay it on me.
Marketing Guy. If you insist, sir.
Director: I do.
Marketing Guy: There was "Chex Mix: It's Full of Carbs." And "Sackful of Random Crap We Threw Together." And "You Could Make It Yourself for Less But The Bag Is More Convenient."
Director: .... those are not improvements.
Marketing Guy: No, sir. We thought of trying "It's f***ing AWESOME" but the focus groups showed that mothers hated it and a boycott or perhaps a lynching would result.
Director: Pity. So ... this is all we've got.
Marketing Guy: I'm afraid so.
Director: Couldn't we at least make it grammatically correct? Y'know, "A Bag of Interesting ... Stuff", or something?
Marketing Guy: Do you think that would help, sir?
Director: No.
Marketing Guy: "A Bag of Interesting" it is, then.
Director: I hate my job.
Tags: humor
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