Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Envy, Thy Name Is Cat

Last Friday, my older cat, Ash, suffered from partial kidney failure. Lut took her to the vet immediately, and the vet gave her various injections and told us to feed her a special prescription cat food for cats with kidney problems. This means feeding Ash and Kali separately: I lock Ash in he bathroom to give her diet cat food while I feed Kali in the same place she's always eaten, on the same canned catfood she's been eating for the last two years.

Ash has had no problems on the new diet. She will eat it contentedly given the opportunity, she will eat the regular canned cat food with the same contentment. She is not fussy.

Kali, on the other hand ...

Kali is convinced that we are feeding Ash the Special Magical Turkish Delight Cat Food of Deliciousness, while Kali is being left with nothing fit for feline consumption. I put Kali's food down first, then carry Ash into the bathroom -- where Kali will be waiting, having taken one whiff of her food and decided she needs to run ahead so she can try to steal Ash's. I then put down Ash, pick up Kali, and put down Ash's food while carrying a madly scheming Kali off with me.

On Sunday, Kali dragged a chunk of canned catfood into the middle of the kitchen floor and left it there until I came in. When she saw I was staring at it, she walked over to the lump and made the same kind of scratching motions against the floor surrounding it that she usually reserves for bodily waste. This morning, she spurned the food I put out for her entirely.

I still have the remnants of the bag of dry cat food from which I used to feed them (yes, I never clean out my pantry). So I set some of that out with tonight's spurned canned catfood.

Kali crunched away on that, because apparently two-year-old-stale dry cat food is better than refrigerated leftover canned from this morning. Then she carried a chunk of catfood into the living room dropped it on the carpet, and then started eating it. Obviously the carpet flavor makes it taste better. She's going to have to learn to like it again somehow, because I am definitely not spending four times as much on prescription canned catfood for a cat who is perfectly healthy.

Physically. Mentally ... let's not go there.
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