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Oh Yeah New Year's Resolutions: 2010 Report Card

I just had two last year:

Keep an activity log

This was surprisingly difficult, given that all I had to do was write down a date and ten or twelve words about what I'd done that day. I kept up with it fairly well through until mid-June, then started to fall apart (ironically, just about when I was most doing the kind of creative stuff that the activity log was supposed to track.) Around August I tried to back-fill July and made a stab at keeping up through August. In September I gave up. Well, "stopped" would be more accurate, since it was more I-keep-forgetting than a conscious I-don't-want-to. At the end of of November, I started again and have kept it up since.

So the grade here would be around 8.5 months out of 12, for a C-.

Do some marathons

This was in the creative sense. I did the following:

* January: 30in30 -- ladyperegrine and I did the 30in30 challenge together, with a goal of each producing thirty art cards. I actually did this. And even traded one of them. Yay! This put me on an art binge that lasted through February, culminating in an 18x24" poster for beetiger, traded for one of the beautiful necklaces from her Frozen Honeybee Collection (the one pictured here, in fact). And which ended when I tried to do another piece of art for a friend and completely hated my sketch and stopped drawing for ... um ... pretty much the year, really.
* June: 30in30 -- this one was for writing entries, which I also accomplished.
* July: 10in10 -- for writing Sign and Sacrifice, in the hopes that I would kickstart myself writing again.
* November -- I set a goal of finishing Sign and Sacrifice in November. All I succeeded in finishing was an outline for the rest of the novel. I wrote maybe a few hundred words of story in the entire month. FAIL.

So I actually accomplished something like two marathons and a mini-marathon. Technically, I guess this is a success, in that 2.5=plural="some". I suspect I was thinking "some = four or five" when I started, though. On the other hand, I did a bunch of other creative stuff even when I wasn't marathoning, and since the underlying hope was "do more creative stuff", I'll call it a B+ on this.

Other Stuff from 2010

delight_in_wt: I started this during the June marathon, and did quite a bit of writing on it even after the marathon finished, until my enjoyment of it petered out in September.

sleethnamedthis: the World Tree game I've been running weekly on FurryMUCK since October 2009 is still going -- over sixty sessions now! The community is supposed to get updated with logs, but I am very bad about posting them. I believe this is the most frequently-running game I've ever done. Usually I hate running a game every week, but the format of this one has made it much easier to keep up on. I think in fifteen months it's been running, we've only cancelled seven or eight sessions.

Sign and Sacrifice: Despite my abject failure at NaNoFiMo, I've been writing steadily if not quickly since December, mostly on S&S. I got about 9800 words written in December. While not particularly impressive, this is still much better than 0.


The message of 2010 would be "I am doing this for love, not money". My creative efforts have been scattershot and not focused on anything I ever expect to get paid for. Despite this, I have an awful lot of determination to pursue them anyway, especially given that I often dread putting in the necessary work.

I am not sure why this is; either why I dread it, or why I am determined anyway. The latter is perhaps because I just don't feel like me if I'm not making anything.
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