Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,


okojosan and gneech linked to Tracy Butler's expression tutorial, which is quite well done. This led me to checking out her comic, Lackadaisy.

Lackadaisy is not the best comic I've ever read. It is, however, far and away the best illustrated comic I have ever seen. It's mind-bogglingly detailed and meticulously shaded. The backgrounds. ZOMG THE BACKGROUNDS. Just look at this college campus. Almost every panel has an actual background -- not just a few lines, not just simple pieces of furniture, but everything, down to the pictures hanging on the walls.

It seems to update around once or twice a month, which isn't surprising given how much time it must take to do each of those pages. It's just. Wow. I would be bored to distraction drawing one panel with that much detail. I can't imagine having done hundreds of them. Amazing work.
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