Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Showing Up

Yes, I came to work today.

I didn't want to. I mean, reeeeeally did not want to. I almost quit a half-dozen times this last year. The boss said it was okay and I could have the day off if I wanted, under the circumstances. And the injunction wasn't really personal. Everyone figures it was for everyone and not a private message just for me and Miguel. It's not like we're so special G-d needs to gives us specific instructions. Anybody could do this job.

Still. An angel comes to me and tells me to welcome a new guy, it seems like the least I can do is show up. Right?

So I showed up.

It's a total circus outside. Every kind of media -- newspaper reporters, camera crews, bloggers, you name it, they're out there.
And they are way outnumbered by the spectators. Tens of thousands of them. Some of 'em are with mainstream churches and some of 'em are just lookie-loos and some of 'em are total whack jobs. We got signs ranging from "Welcome Jesus" to "The End is Now" to "Stop the Alien Invasion". "Circus" doesn't cover it. I don't know what could. Crowd started forming yesterday. I left for work at 4AM and it still took me three hours to get in.

There's a wall of cops around the facility, which is the only reason I even could get in.

That star is still in the bunker. It's been here the whole year, but it's like ten times brighter today. Miguel's family is having a "Yay you didn't get whacked by angels" party after work for us. I'm looking forward to it. Assuming I don't get whacked by angels. Or nutjobs. Or ambushed and eaten alive by reporters. I'm on intercept duty, so maybe if I'm lucky I'll just get lost in the Hole. Which really does not seem like the worst that could happen any more.

Aaaaaand there's the alarm. Wish me luck.

Heck, wish some for all of us.

Continued from last year.
Tags: fiction, rabbit hole day
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