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Writing & Resolution

My "write 30 minutes daily" resolution went all right for January, at least in the sense of "I kept it". I'm about an hour ahead. I kept track on a spreadsheet of how much I wrote in which category, and various other data bits, for ease of number crunching. Also, as it turns out, ease of tracking, since I can just plug numbers into columns instead of writing down both number of minutes and what I was doing.

The division of time for January was:

Sign & Sacrifice: 30%
Other non-RP fiction: 15%
Current World Tree game: 25%
New World Tree Monsters game: 30%

This is rather less time on S&S than I had hoped for, and a lot more time on "new World Tree game that has not actually been run and only one person has actually made up a character for" than seems strictly necessary.

I'm thinking about weighting the various projects differently, like S&S could be weighted at *2 since I actually want to finish it, and the World Tree monsters game could be weighted at 1/2 since it's not very high priority.

Except that would not necessarily get me doing any more total writing.

So instead, I'm making a completely different change for February. In February, I'm upping the time for Saturday and Sunday to an hour, since it's really not unreasonable to do more on the weekends but somehow I often don't. I'm also going to count time spent on art, since I have some drawings and stuff I'd like to do.
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