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My Coke(tm) Addiction

I've been dieting for the last three or four weeks. Sort of. I'd been planning to count calories, which has always been my most reliable method of weight loss, but counting calories has been too much work or something.

A few months ago, I was reading bradhicks's post about Nutrisystem. He mentioned that he'd been losing weight on the plan, and that it required he eat two pounds of fruits and vegetables per day.

And I thought, holy cow, no wonder you're losing weight! If I ate two pounds of veggies a day I wouldn't have time to eat anything else!

Originally I was just going to try crowding out my usual snacks by eating more vegetables, but after I weighed in at 164 three weeks ago, I just cut out junkfood during the week entirely. The closest thing I've had to a sweet since Sunday is flavored yogurt.

Instead of my usual cookies and candy while at work, I've been eating baby carrots, grape tomatoes, and flavored yogurt. I kind of regard fruit-flavored yogurt as a junkfood, because it's pretty high in calories and sugar by volume. But I don't get much calcium otherwise, so I've been eating it anyway.

Other than snacks on weekdays, I haven't changed much of my diet. I still have the same pastry-wrapped scrambled eggs for breakfast, and my lunch and dinner are heavy on pasta and light on everything else. Costco this weekend had peeled garlic cloves in stock, which is awesome because peeling garlic cloves is the only annoying thing about roasting them. All you need to do to roast peeled garlic cloves is dump them in an oven-safe dish, cover with olive oil, bake for forty minutes or an hour at 250F, then strain. So I've been having a lot of roasted garlic this week too. With pasta. And cheese. The cheese probably should count as junk food. I haven't lost any weight this week, although I'm down to 160 since I started.

Down to 160. SIGH. Twelve years ago, I weighed 120. I wasn't actually thin then, either. I doubt I will ever be 120 again; for one thing, I exercise a lot more now than I did twelve years ago. Still, four or five years ago I was 140 and it'd be nice to at least get back down to that.

I don't know if this diet is going to get me there. I really do not love fruits or vegetables. Baby carrots are kind of annoying to eat (after two cups my jaws start to hurt from all the crunching). Grape tomatoes aren't bad, though. Most fruits do not appeal and they all go bad way too fast. I should get a steamer and see if I can get Lut to steam frozen vegetables for me. I hate preparing vegetables. It seems bad enough to eat them.

But mostly, I really miss eating tasty food at work. Oddly, I do not crave a candy bar or an Oreo. No, I want something truly delicious, something that seems to justify all of those fat-building calories. I may break down and bake cookies this weekend, and bring whatever Lut and I don't eat on the weekend to work to give away on Monday so I can go back to behaving during the week. I don't binge on the weekends, I just don't worry about what I'm eating too much, as long as I'm actually hungry.

But the reason I started this ramble is that the lack of sweet foods has changed one thing: I am drinking more caffeine-free Diet Coke(tm) than ever. Like, eight cans a day. o.O. I have to bring five to work just so I don't run out. EACH DAY. As opposed to the TWO I used to drink at work. As vices go, it's not much of one, but yeesh.

The part that gets me is that I actually exercise so much more now than twelve years ago. I spend about half an hour walking and half an hour on an exercise bike 5 days a week. You'd think it would help.

I suppose it's why I'm not 200 lbs. SIGH.
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