Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Sucker Punch

My job makes me schedule in January all of my vacation days for the year; this year I arranged it so I'd have at least one day off every month (either vacation or holiday). I'd picked Monday off, but switched it to today because "Sucker Punch" was coming out.

Lut and I have been planning to see this movie since watching the trailer months ago. bradhicks described it as "Things the Internet Likes: The Movie". To expand on that a little more: it's the best excuse I've ever seen to have beautiful scantily-clad young women engage in anime-style combat against bad guys. Yes, the narrative does justify the over-the-top action. It's still an excuse, mind, but it's an excuse that makes sense in context, which is saying something.

The action sequences are gorgeous and well-choreographed. The storyline held my interest, but as one of my friends put it: "I like a little story with my fan service", and that's what you're getting. A lot of fan service, a little story.

Lut pointed out that, as fan service goes, it is oddly sanitized. There is no nudity, little if any profanity, and while there's lots of stylized violence, the vast majority of it is against robots, zombies, and monsters: there's very little actual bloodshed. When there is blood, it's for a narrative purpose. The film was put together thougtfully, with a lot of attention to detail.

I had a good time, and so did Lut. I'd recommend the movie, although if I think too hard about it there are some elements that were pretty disturbing.
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