Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Carly Hennessy

Back in 2002, I read an article in the Wall Street Journal about a singer named Carly Hennessy and her experience with the record industry. I wrote an entry about it.

In 2010, xthread, I believe, recommended Tear the World Down, a new album by We Are the Fallen. The group consisted of most of the former members of Evanescence, with a new lead singer. I picked it up; as XThread mentioned, it's much in the style of the first Evanescence album, which I really liked. A few days ago, Lut and I were talking about the album, and he mentioned that We Are the Fallen's the lead singer had been on American Idol (a show neither of us watch) and that she'd had a previous record deal, many years before that. "The record company spent $2 million on it and it only sold a few hundred copies."

I did a double take at those figures. "I remember that artist!" With some help from Google I determined that, yes, same person, although her married name is Carly Smithson and that's the name she's performing under now.

I'm glad she didn't give up after the flop with MCA Records, and it's nice to see that she's enjoying somewhat more success now: according to Wikipedia, Tear the World Down has sold 40,000 copies. Which is not much by record-industry standards, alas, but it's better than 300 copies. I hope it's enough to do another album: I quite like the first one. Very goth-rock. Here, I'll include one of the tracks from it:

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