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The Interview Meme!

I have been too embarassed to do one of these since I took questions from ladyperegrine seven years ago and never posted my answers. But my very cool sister-in-law mrw42 did the meme this weekend and I figured there was probably a point at which I should stop living my life based on my regrets about the past. :)

So! Y'all probably know the meme by now: if you'd like me to interview you, ask and I'll give you five questions to answer in your own LJ. Below are my answers to mrw42's questions to me.


1.) What do you like and/or dislike about living in Kansas City? Do you see yourself living there indefinitely?

Things I like about KC:

* It's in the middle of the US, so a nonstop flight to anywhere else in the continental US is no more than four hours or so. Since I have friends and relatives on both coasts, that's handy.
* It's a very pretty city: lots of parks and fountains and open sky.
* Lut lives here, which is the reason I came here.
* My job is here, and as jobs go it's not bad.
* My house is here and conveniently located within walking distance of my job (by design).

Things I dislike about it:

* I don't have a gaming group here. I don't really miss tabletop RP (I generally like MUCK-based RP better anyway), but I miss boardgaming. I could presumably fix this with a little effort, but in fourteen years I haven't so it's not looking so likely.)
* It's too far away from terrycloth, my long-distance boyfriend.

I can see living here indefinitely, more as a default than by intention. I have a house here, and buying a house was a nightmare. I am sure selling a house is MANY TIMES WORSE. Still, I might move to the Pacific Northwest someday; Lut and I both have family there, and Terrycloth lives there.

2.) If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? And why?

I do a lot of travel, but all of it is to see people rather than places or things. But if I had an all-expense-paid vacation or teleport coupon, I would use it to do something I could not otherwise. The likely candidates are:

* Some place with downhill skiing. Maybe Switzerland or maybe just Colorado, since Switzerland seems like overkill for someone who's only been skiing a half dozen times two decades ago.
* Botswana. Botswana is a small African country bordering South Arica. English is the dominant language there. While -- like too much of Africa -- it's a poor nation, it actually has a reputation for reasonable, democratic governance. I'm interested in it because, of English-speaking countries, it's one of the ones with a culture most unlike the USA. It'd be interesting to go somewhere very different but where I could still speak easily with the locals. telnar and I have talked a few times about going to South Africa, but the 30+ hour travel time each way has deterred me thus far.

3.) If you could improve one major area of your life, what would it be? And how would you improve it?

Oooh, this is a tough one. The main things I'd like are the financial stability to quit my job, and to live closer to Terry. Being closer to my long-distance friends and family would be awesome too, but that's not likely to happen since most of them don't live anywhere near each other. I don't really have any problems that couldn't be fixed by another $750,000 in retirement accounts and a personal teleporter. :)

Assuming the question is 'in the realm of the reasonable', I'd like to switch from career banker to career writer (hey, no one ever blames writers for wrecking the economy). But writing is still work, and I'm (a) not sure I will like it better long-term and (b) reluctant to gamble with my financial situation by making the switch and (c) too lazy to work two careers at once in order to find out if it would work before I commit to it.

There's a lot of laziness/fear of uncertainty ruling my life -- same reason I'll probably never move. I don't want to put a lot of work into something when I'm not very confident of the reward. :/

4.) Who is your favorite author? And why?

Diana Wynne Jones. This is also pretty hard when I think about it, but Jones is the author that leaps to mind first. She passed away just a couple of weeks ago, I am sad to say, but I love her books. She wrote mostly young adult fantasy, and mostly standalone titles. Her stories have style and wit and charm and magic and often a little romance, which is everything I want in a book. I also love that she wrote standalones in a field that often seems overrun by series. She wasn't afraid to let her characters have their happy ending and then move on to new ones.

5.) Do you plan to come visit us (in NH or MA) again this summer? :-)

I do, actually! I've been meaning to talk to you about this. I'm going to New York in June for beetiger and lediva's anniversary party. They're hiring a party bus from NYC to Boston on Saturday, so I was going to ask if I could visit all of you when I get to Boston. Which would be sometime very late on Saturday, so I'm not sure how the logistics would work out, but I figured I'd ask. Hope to you in a few months!


Margaret gave me five things to talk about too, but I'll save those for a second post, since I really should be working on fiction now. :)
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