Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,


I watched haikujaguar's livestream on Friday night. Interestingly, it triggered the same sense of "I really should be drawing" that I get from sitting in on an artjam. After a little bit, I gave in to the urge and grabbed my sketchbook and the DragonArt book for inspiration. Oddly, while I tend to be cool towards how-to-draw books, I am very fond of this one. (It's also just $8 from Amazon at the moment. Whoa, cheap. And no, that's not an affiliate link.)

I stumbled onto the page with the dragon-based-on-cat-anatomy sketch again -- the same sketch that inspired my otter-dragon efforts from last January -- and decided to sketch some kittydragons. My initial efforts didn't come out well, so I did a freehand copy of Peffer's sketch for practice (lower left corner), then tried some more cat-dragons based on cat photos. I decided I liked them enough to share, so here you go. Crappy smartphone photo because I still haven't hooked my scanner up to the computer that can still talk to it. -.-

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