Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,


This weekend, I:

* Wrote @2 Delight entries
* Watched the original film version of The Three Musketeers with Lut
* Cleaned the kitchen. (This sounds like so little.  But my kitchen is actually clean.  Basically. It took me about four hours.)
* Picked up yard trash so Lut could mow the yard on the riding mower
* weedwhacked the numerous chunks of yard the riding mower can't reach
* played two games of Sanctum with Lut
* washed three loads of laundry
* made my mother's spaghetti sauce
* baked a chocolate cake from a recipe mrw42 emailed me (I think buttermilk may be the secret ingrediant in tasty frosting, but I need more experimenting to be sure)

... so I didn't get a lot done on the usual things I track (ie, writing and drawing).  But I feel very productive anyway.

I still want to get the living room to look presentable.  Somehow.

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