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Art Cards for Cancer Prevention

I'm participating in Kansas City's "Race for the Cure",  fundraiser for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation Komen provides funding for breast cancer awareness, prevention/treatment, and research. My workplace is doing this as a team event with individual incentives and team
rewards, and while I doubt I will make either cut, I'm hoping to not look like a total slacker. :)

To that end, I'm offering my own incentives for donations. Today's incentive: art cards! I'll be drawing art cards (they're the size of a playing card) for donors. You get to pick the subject! Art cards are small and work best for a single figure or a portrait, but I will be happy to cram multiple figures in if you like. They also make good icon-art. :)

If you'll donate by clicking on the handy DONATE FOR THE CURE link, you may pick from the following list of incentives. Please leave a comment letting me know the name you donated under and what you'd like.

$10: Monochrome: I'll draw the subject of your choice in monochrome -- either pencil or multiple shades of the same color of markers, your choice.
$15: Marker: as above, but in glorious full color marker.
$25: Watercolor or acrylic: as above, but in full color paints.

Samples of previous art cards I've done:


Marker: 02-Cat-eyed Woman

Acrylic: 29-Yotee

Watercolor: 28-Bee

All: More art cards

This is a limited-time offer! I will close this post to requests at 9AM on Thursday, July 28.

If you'd like to help out in a non-cash way, putting a link to this post in your own journal (or other forms of signal-boosting) will also be appreciated. Thanks!


Tags: charity, komen
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