Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

You call this an entry?

My mind is full of bits from the next few scenes for Silver Scales, but for some reason, I don’t want to start writing it just yet. Well, maybe I ought to update my regular journal occasionally, anyway. I suppose I have been updating more frequently in the last month or so than I have at some points in the past.

This morning, I started typing the first scene for the short story idea I had, and my word processor crashed and lost it. I really need to download OpenOffice. I am such a lazybones. I wonder if there’s anything I can bribe Lut with to get him to download and install it for me? Dang, I am so lazy. And it isn’t even proper laziness. It’s “unenlightened laziness”, where I postpone doing something that would make my life simpler and easier. (Enlightened laziness is putting in a little effort up front so you have to do less work down the line.)

I had a flash of insight yesterday morning that I need to write down, too, but I’m not feeling up to doing that, either. Really, I’m just completely wasting your time. And mine. Sorry about that. Not that I am. Sorry, that is. Though this is a pretty sorry entry.
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