Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Magicka: ARGH

I picked up Magicka a couple of weeks ago, mainly because terrycloth had gotten it, and Lut and I figured it was a game the three of us could play together. The video of the game had reminded me of Gauntlet, but the gameplay is nothing like Gauntlet. It's based around a quirky, freeform magic system which is alternately engaging and frustrating. I kind of like the gameplay, in smal doses.

However, the game design FORBIDS play in small doses, which is REALLY ANNOYING me.

The game has no save function.

Instead, you have "levels" and "checkpoints". If you die, you restart at the last checkpoint. Checkpoints come every few fights, so this is annoying but not intolerable.

But if you QUIT -- or if your game crashes, or if you have to go to work, or any other reason that you might want to play a game for only 30 minutes -- then you restart at the begining of the LEVEL. Levels come ... I don't know how often. I just played level 3 for 90 minutes, going past many checkpoints and dozens of fights, without getting to the end of the level or, indeed, having the slightest clue how many hours of play would be needed to get to the end of the level. There's no progress bar. Nothing.

I understand why the game has checkpoints instead of saves, but I have no CLUE why the game doesn't restore at the last checkpoint reached. Seriously, in what way is this good design? Maaaaaybe I'll decide later that I don't mind repeating the same 90 minutes of play and then however many hours of additional content before I reach level 4, but right now it's looking more like "never play this game again and never get any game by Arrowhead again". I might try it again with Terry and Lut; the game is somewhat easier with multiple players, and they're also a gazillion times better than me at it, so what took me 90 minutes is probably only 20 for them. v.v

Still. WHY?
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