Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

One Last Thing (SWTOR)

I forgot to mention this in my giant post yesterday, so it gets its own post. Another thing I like about SWTOR:


The clothing is androgynous.  All of it.


Everything the women wear looks exactly the same on the men, and vice versa.  If it looks like a shirt + vest on a man, it looks like a shirt + vest of the same cut on a woman.  If it looks like a floor-length skirt on a woman, it looks like a floor-length skirt on a man.


So far, all of the PC clothing I've seen has been modest -- not just "no cleavage", but no skin showing below the neck.  (Almost everyone wears gloves, even).  The most revealing clothing available is tight pants, and even those look like pants, not spandex.  That's pretty much it.  There are some NPC dancers and background characters in slave-Princess-Leia-style outfits, but I haven't seen anything like that on the players.


The only downside is that the clothes are pretty much all in neutral colors, and the 'skirts' are tailored to look like the jedi robes from the movies.  So neither men nor women can really look feminine.


Minor quibbles aside, I just love the design choice. The avatars look great and nobody looks like they're running around a battlefield in lingerie.

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