Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,


(All times very approximate -- I didn't time anything, not even how long I was at it.)


0:00: I think I'll go for a walk.
0:15: *play "Another Way to Die" on iPod*
0:30: This'd be a good song to jog to.  Gosh, I haven't jogged in at least, what, a year? Eighteen months?
0:45: What the heck. *starts jogging*.
1:00: Whee!
1:45: I'm not sure riding the exercise bike four-five times a week is keeping me in any kind of shape for jogging.
2:00: This hill near my house is just as horrid for jogging up as I remember.
3:00: Okay, riding the exercise bike four-five times a week is definitely not keeping me in shape to jog.  I don't think I'm going to make it to the top of the hill.
4:00: Nope, not gonna make it.
8:00: Wait, what? I not only made it up the hill but I'm halfway around my old loop?  I wonder if I can make it the rest of the way?
16:00: Hey, I can.  I'm not that tired ... I wonder if I can get up the hill again?
23:00: I can!  Woot!  I don't think I can make another loop, but let's try.
32:00: This is only technically a jog, in the sense that the pace never has both feet on the ground and sometimes neither.  I can walk faster than this. Still!  Jogging!
35:00: I made another loop!  I bet I can't make three.  But maybe I can get up the hill again.
43:00: Made it!  That's really the hard part.  I might as well try for another circuit.
45:00: I bet it's the butterflies. It always was easier to jog when I was thinking about +terrible butterflies+.
48:00: And I thought I was jogging slowly before.
1:01:00: Okay, that's three circuits.  You've made your point. You can stop now.
1:02:00: No, really. That's enough. Let's just cool off now.  Good girl.


I guess the exercise bike does keep me in shape for jogging.  Although I am still going to be really sore tomorrow. Ow.

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