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I didn't make "post updates" part of my new year's resolutions this year, but I'll do an update anyway.

I've been reasonably good about keeping my activity log updated, although I did have to reconstruct a few weeks from February by memory.

This year's resolve that 'everything counts' has, unsurprisingly, led to me doing a lot more game preparation than usual. So far, this has been mostly in the form of preparing for the +terrible butterflies+ game I started running in January: I spent about 14 hours editing and modifying the rules and putting together the setting backstory and basic plot points.

This contrasts with around 6 hours of prep time for the weekly World Tree game, 5.5 hours writing delight_in_wt entries, 4 hours on Sign & Sacrifice, 7 hours on art, 5 hours blogging, and 1.5 hours on a couple of other projects.

I've not been counting the time spent actually playing +tb+, any more than I count the time spent playing the World Tree game. The play time is officially "the fun part", so if I need to incentivize myself to do that part, I am Doing It Wrong.

My productivity on everything but +tb+ took a nose dive in mid-January, when I started prepwork for the game. Pre-game, I was mostly sketching and working on Delight. Since I finished the game prep, mostly I've been working on S&S and the World Tree game, though on Wednesday I started writing Delight again. I've got about four S&S entries and two Delight entries unposted. I haven't been very motivated to post stuff; I'm not thrillled with what I've got for S&S, and I didn't want to post one entry for Delight and have that be it for the next three months. I do rather like one of the Delight entries, though, so I'll probably start posting what I've got for her again on Monday.

While what I'm working on has been variable, since the +tb+ game started I've been sticking to much the same schedule that I used for the last half of 2011: I write whenever I exercise, and I do the occasional bit of game prep at my computer that can't be easily managed on my phone. The result is that I do almost no writing -- or anything else that isn't goofing off -- on the weekend. As a result, I've falled behind on my daily quota, although not a lot behind because I had a huge backlog of points from all the prep time on +tb+. I caught up again this week, by spending some time writing Delight. So I'm currently very slightly up on my official goals.

Overall, ambivalent about how this is working out. I want to have written more original fiction, and that's not happening. On the other hand, I also want to enjoy my life, and I've been pretty happy doing my gaming and fanfic. So it's hardly all bad.

I do think that my conversion of "12 words = 1 minute" is off -- my average words-per-minute is probably closer to 14 or 15. I think I'll bump it up to 13, which will make hitting my targets somewhat harder. Or convince me to spend more time on writing. Or both. Something like that.

Otherwise, I'll leave things as they are and see how it goes.

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