Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Talking to Myself

Lut glanced over at my screen as I was dealing with crafting in Star Wars. "'Hey mom'?" he said, quoting the subject line of an email in her inbox.

"Yeah, Rowyn is Voiddancer and Kittyann's mother." I opened the Legacy tab to show him the family tree. It's a little weird -- I don't usually think of my characters as related. But the game seemed to want some kind of relationship in order to send mail from Republic characters to Empire and vice versa. I think I could've finagled it so Rowyn was his ally instead of mother, but they are all human and look a little alike, and it amused me to think of Rowyn having a couple of kids at a very young age, who somehow ended up working in the Empire. She is a smuggler, after all. Why wouldn't she smuggle stuff into the Empire? And Kittyann and Voiddancer are mostly light-side characters, like Rowyn. So it kind of makes sense.

"I know," Lut said. "But 'hey mom'? Why are you having one of your characters send email to another?"

"It's a shopping list." I opened the email:
From: Voiddancer
Subject: Hey mom

Jaesa's coming with me on a mission, and her gear needs an upgrade. Can you outfit her with:

1 Willpower earring
6 armoring
6 mods

Really appreciate it.

Lut stared. He put a hand over mine. "May? Seek professional help."

"What? It's a shopping list!"

"You're writing a conversation between two of your own characters."

"I had to write down what he wanted somewhere."

"That is not a scratchpad. That is dialogue. The only way it could be scarier is if you acted it out with handpuppets."

"I've written hundreds of thousands of words of fiction and only now do you realize it's weird?" I said. "You don't think I was writing those books for other people to read, do you? If I was, I'd've tried to publish them by now."


And yeah, that's not the first time my characters have written email to each other. Eventide is always telling them to spend less money when she distributes it. c.c
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