Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

The Green Lantern

This is nothing about the actual movie, which I'm planing to watch in about ten minutes.

It's about the DVD experience. Netflix sent me this DVD: it's the "rental edition", without whatever special features the normal edition comes with.

It does, however, come with at least 14 minutes of advertising that disables the root menu and the fast-forward buttons on the player.

What amazes me about this, other than the sheer chutzpah of dumping 14 mintues of consecutive ads at the beginning of a movie, is that they apparently think that just because I can't skip the ads, I am going to sit here and watch the ads. And think fondly of whatever product is being advertised, presumably.

I don't mind skippable previews at the beginning of rental DVDs; I often watch them anyway, because I don't hear a whole lot about movies. But the first one wasn't even a preview: it was a commercial for Blu-Ray. I don't know what the others are, because I stopped watching after I determined that (a) it wasn't skippable and (b) it didin't even have the virtue of being over quickly. The DVD player is minimized and muted currently. And will stay that way for another, um, three minutes now? Or however long it takes to get through the commercials. One DVD that did this nonsense would get to the end of one commercial and segue to a new one, just to make it extra-hard to tell how long it would take them to get to the actual product that I wanted to see.

The company credits are Warner Bros. Pictures, De Lines Pictures, and DC Entertainment. The distributor is Warner Home Video. I'm guessing Warner Home Video is responsible for the unskippable ads. I think I'll watch for the pattern the next time this happens. Because I may want to just stop renting or watching anything put out by Warner Home Video.
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