Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Free Tarot Card Draw!

So, while I was in Seattle, I bought shatterstripes's Tarot of the Silicon Dawn, because it was very shiny.

I have no discernable psychic or precognitive abilities*, but the deck is very shiny, and I rather want to, you know. Do something with it. Other than leaf through the pretty pictures. And offering card readings is something people seem to do on LJ fairly often, so hey, why not?

So leave a question on this entry if you like, and I will draw a card or three from the deck and reference the short descriptions helpfully written by queenofstripes and provided in the deck's accompanying book. Based on these, I will give you a most-likely-not-very-useful response to your question. I will even link to the image of your card from shatterstripes's website. It'll be fun!

Edit: If you would like to ask for a question on behalf of a fictional character (like a character from a book you're writing, or a game you're playing), feel free! My fictitious psychic powers* will work just as well if not better on fictitious people, after all. :)

Edit the second: I should mention that this Tarot deck is NSFW: it has quite a bit of nudity, as well as kink and gender genderqueer. You are warned!

* No slight is intended here to people who take tarot readings seriously or find spiritual import in them! I am only making fun of myself, I promise. I do think that tarot cards can be interesting problem-solving or meditation tool, in terms of making one think about different angles or approaches, even absent any divinatory abilities. But I'm not even sure I do a good job at that, hence the disclaimers.
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