Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Questing, Part 2

Yesterday and today, my legs felt as stiff and sore as if I'd run five miles. I was like, "Really, legs? One crappy 16 minute mile and you're gonna be like this?"

My legs: "We hate you so much.  Suffer like we do, torturer!"

Me: "Fine. You want to hurt? I'll give you something to hurt about!"

So after work today, I jogged around the neighborhood next to my bank. My plan was to jog it twice , then head home, for about a 2-mile jog. Still not the 3.1 I need for the quest, but I figured I needed to work my way up to it. It was warmer than Saturday, but not yet to Lut's "You are not jogging in THIS heat" level. A nice breeze and the additional shade in this neighborhood made the climate overall better.

At about 3/4ths through the second lap, I checked my progress.  The laps were a bit longer than I remembered, more like .75 miles than .6, according to Cardio Trainer.  I wasn't feeling particularly tired.  I considered doing a third lap.

My feet: "You need new jogging shoes."

Me: "Yeah, I do." My current jogging shoes are probably a thousand miles past their expiration date.

My feet: "No, really. Or at least wear your good socks. Because OW BLISTERS."

Me: "... fine, fine, I'll head home."

1/3 of the way home:

Feet: "We're not kidding about the blisters. Stop jogging."

Me: "C'mon. Frodo walked to Mordor barefoot!"

Feet: "Frodo walked everywhere barefoot!  How big do you want your blisters to be?"

Me: "It's only like another half mile!"


Me: [stops jogging]. "Dammit."

So 1.75 miles today, and much easier than Saturday -- probably because the neighborhood near the bank isn't as hilly as near my house. Possibly because I'd eaten real food.  I'll get there yet! 

Maybe after I get new shoes.

And break them in.

Tags: exercise

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