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Fitocracy did indeed prove to be the straw that finally broke my refusal to lift weights.  Possibly in part by ridiculously overvaluing weight-lifting relative to cardio (maybe that's just me.)


Last night, I dusted off my weights (well, swept the spiderwebs off and then cleaned them. The spiders of my basement are Not Amused, I'm sure), cleaned the weight bench, unearthed my Weightlifting For Dummies book, found my gardening gloves because my fingerless weight lifting gloves were eeyugh, and an old sheet from back when I was lifting weights regularly. I went through about 2/3rds of my previous routine, using weights at 50-60% of my former amount. Because ... yeah, haven't lifted in five or so years.


It took approximately forever, in part because I needed to clean everything first and in part because I barely remembered the exercises, so I had to reference form and position a lot. And look everything up. Not wanting to look things up was a major factor in not doing the last third of the exercises.


Putting everything into Fitocracy took way too long too.  In the long run, I need to update Fitocracy from my phone while I work out or I'll probably quit doing it. It'll be faster now that I've got the routine entered in Fitocracy, but even just filling in weights and reps is kind of annoying when you've got so many different exercises to include. And I still need to enter the remaining third of the upper body regimen that I skipped. Plus lower body and core exercises, which I didn't do at all.  x.x


The actual lift-weights part was tiring but not unpleasant. I even did kneeling push-ups so I wouldn't hate them.  Weight lifting would be way better if someone else would follow me around and keep records and tell me what to do next. Not that I can afford a  personal trainer. :)

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