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If you like thieves and you like science fiction...

Originally posted by tuftears at If you like thieves and you like science fiction...
Walter Jon Williams's The Crown Jewels will remain at $0.99 only for the remainder of this week, after that it will go up to $2.99. I love his Drake Majistral books and I regret that he isn't likely to write any more in that vein, since they didn't sell well. It's a little Victorian Regency in flavor, if the Victorian Regency were an alien empire that had conquered the human race and granted the human race a small territory, after which they proceeded to fall into a graceful decline. Resting on their laurels as it were, affording those hyperactive humans a chance to rise to the top in their empire. And burglary is allowed if you do it With Style.

What Tufty said. I am not especially a fan of the "noble rogue" genre, but I adore the Drake Majistral books. It has the best explanation ever for why the protagonist's profession is socially acceptable. :D The books are charming, stuffed with likable characters and wild escapades. Highly recommended!
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