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Tarot Stories: Call for Prompts!

Over the weekend, I finished the last of the prompts from my first call for tarot story prompts. That means I get to do a new call for prompts! Yay!

I bought a new tarot deck from djinni: Tod's Creatures Tarot. This deck is illustrated with adorable cartoon animals, and very different from the Silicon Dawn deck. For one thing, having most of the figures be cartoon animals makes many of the cards feel gender-neutral, which is neat. I'll be drawing from this deck for this round of prompts. I am curious to see what effect it'll have on the stories!

If you'd like to participate:

* Provide a question/question/situation. This can be the same kind of question you'd ask in tarot reading, or it can be any random concept that interests you.

Optionally, you may also provide:

* Character(s). You may supply your own original characters (or ask for particular ones of mine). No fanfic unless one of us holds the copyright, please..
* 1-3 cards. If you want to pick one or more specific cards, you may. I will be using the versions of the cards from Tod's Creatures Tarot regardless, though, because I like being able to hold the physical cards. I'll draw three cards at random if you don't have a preference.

Note: by prompting, you agree that any stories I write belong to me and I can publish them as I see fit. (You are still free to use anything you provided in your prompt for your own stories, of course.)

Thanks for participating!
Tags: tarot stories, writing
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