Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

First Comes Marriage

I read another Mary Balogh romance Sunday. The protagonists of First Comes Marriage were awfully similar to the ones in Slightly Dangerous. Like the male protagonist that never laughs or smiles. Seriously, this is a point of observation on multiple occasions in both books: the female protagonist who's been hanging around this guy for weeks will note that he NEVER laughs or smiles. It is a Big Deal when, three-fourths through the book, the guy finally cracks a smile. I assume that some people who are not me find this romantic.

I am pretty sure that not all of Balogh's characters are so similar, if only because when the protagonists from other novels show up as supporting cast, they come across as reasonably distinct. First Comes Marriage wasn't bad overall: the characters spend a chunk of the book being nice to one another, even if they do start off hating each other. There are a number of sweet moments. Probably the most interesting character to me was in the supporting cast and a quasi-villain: Constantine Huxtable. I got the impression there was more to him than was revealed in the book, and wonder if he has secrets that come out in the sequels. He's not apparently a protagonist later, so perhaps not.

I'll give it a 6-of-10 on the fun-o-meter, and think I will look for non-Regency for my next fluffy romance. Something about the way Austen writes keeps me from focusing on what a crapsack universe she lived in, but it really is pretty awful compared to modern times. Especially if you consider servants as human beings instead of set dressing.

No new books came to the library Sunday either. My stash of unread library books is down to 2.5! (I'm halfway through The Demon's Lexicon now.) I added some more to the reserve list, so hopefully some will show up today.
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