Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

The Demon's Covenant, by Sarah Rees Brennan

I finished The Demon's Covenant, sequel to The Demon's Lexicon, yesterday. I liked it, but did not love it as much as the first book. This is partly because the PoV character changed from Nick to Mae, and the inside of Nick's head was more interesting to me. (Also, Mae spells her name wrong. I AM JUST SAYING.) And partly because Mae has a completely inexplicable crush on Nick that makes me cringe. OK, "inexplicable" is wrong. It is explained by the female fascination with sexy, dangerous men who almost never show emotion. It is awfully close to the female fascination with "men who will beat the crap out of them". I will grant this is a real thing and I find the archetype intellectually fascinating as well, but romantically? Nick is SO UNAPPEALING. To me. He doesn't like to talk and hates talking about how he feels, doesn't like to be touched or to touch people (except to hurt them), and generally treats everyone like crap even when he's trying not to. He's fascinating for the way he tries not to, because he's just no good at relating to people and it's interesting to see him try, but sexy it is not. I recognize this is mostly me, and I am sure that lots of (totally insane) teenage girls (and probably older women) would identify with Mae's crush. It is completely understandable, but still make me go eeeeeeee noooooooo. (Even Mae is bright enough to realize what a terrible idea this is, to be fair.)

Rant aside, the change of PoV does a lot to make the world more vivid and to make characters other than Nick and Alan interesting. Everyone's got their faults and good points: they all feel mixed and interesting, even the bad guys. The book is overall solid and entertaining; I'll give it an 8.

It also really needs a sequel, and the library hasn't gotten it to me yet. D: So I will have to read one of the other six books I have checked out today instead. Whee!
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