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"I am so disappointed in the library," I said to Lut, after checking the hold webpage just to be sure.

"How so?" he asked.

"They still haven't gotten me Post Captain."

"When did you ask for it?"

"Thursday," I said, and he laughed at me. "Thursday morning!"

"You are spoiled."

"They had two copies on the shelves! They got me H.M.S. Surprise on Friday. Just to taunt me, I'm sure. I asked for it at the same time. Also, I actually put the boxed set on hold on Tuesday, without realizing it was on the reference shelf so obviously I'm never getting that. Why do they even let you put a hold on it when it's a reference? Who puts a set of novels on the reference shelf?"

Lut was still laughing at me. "You are so spoiled. If I'd requested it on Thursday, I'd be happy if I got it by November."

I pouted. "I know, but I'm spoiled because the library's spoiled me. It usually only takes them a day to get me a book if it's on the shelves somewhere. alltoseek thinks I should get a copy at a used bookstore instead."

"I doubt you're going to happen to find a copy in stock at a used bookstore."

"... me too."

I checked Google Nav after we left the restaurant. "There's a Half-Price Books four miles from here."

At the store, we ambled about looking for the right section for Patrick O'Brian: I guessed "literary", which turned out to be right, and sorted through the twelve or so books they had by him. "Watch, none of them will be -- aha!" I snagged out Post Captain.

"... You're really going to buy it?" Lut asked.


"Instead of waiting another day or two for the library to get it in?"

"I want to start it now. And alltoseek talked me into joining the chapter-a-week read of it on mandc_read, so I'll probably want to have it in the house for that anyway."

This was not particularly effective -- it was still $7.60 (after tax) to buy it used, so I only saved a couple of bucks over the instant gratification of buying the e-book. But at least none of the other innocent books in my to-read stack have to suffer under the onus of not being Post Captain any more.
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