Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

The Mysteries of a Large Bank

One of the oddities of working at a large bank is that, since I am doing reports that are viewed by far more people, I get a lot more questions about them. Naturally, I also get more of the same questions, over and over again, from different people.


And then there are the mystifying questions.


Loan Officer: "Why is this loan on my past due list? It's not matured!"
Me: "... because it's past due? Just like the other past-due-but-not-matured loan on your list of three past due loans?"


Loan Officer Assistant: "Why isn't Loan 123 on the matured loan list? It's matured! Oh, and so is 456. Why aren't they there?"
Me: " ... um. They are on the matured loan list. Right where they are supposed to be?"


I got nothin'.

Tags: life, work
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