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ZOMG the Socializing

Fred, one of the people I met at the KC Game Fair, actually emailed me the next day to tell me about a gaming meet-up on Tuesday. I said I'd come because (a) gaming and (b) if someone you've only met once asks you to do something and you don't, you will never hear from them again. I am just saying. Invitations are HARD.


I arrived a bit late and somewhat stressed and also feeling stupid. Because my phone decided to power down (twice!) while I was relying on its GPS for directions. Also, the meetup was a block from the grocery store that I used when I lived in midtown, so if I had the navigational ability of a deranged squirrel I would not have needed a GPS to get to it anyway.


The meet-up turned out to be an event arranged through a local group on Seven people RSVP'd, and eight people showed up. Which you'd think was pretty good, except that only two of the people who showed up were ones that RSVP'd. The person who scheduled the event was not in attendance.


The actual attendees were Michael, Taylor, Fred, Mandy, Rick, Kendeo and Suzie. (I am writing their names down so there will be some small chance I'll remember them if I see them again.) We wound up playing two games of Five Crowns, a rummy-like card game using a specialized deck (five suits, three through Kings, two of each card, and probably four jokers).  Five Crowns was chosen because (a) the tables were kind of small for most board games and (b) Five Crowns was the only game that accommodated seven players. (Kendeo showed up not long before the group broke up and did not want to play.) It was kind of a luck-heavy, skill-light game for my tastes, but fun enough and everyone was nice. Supposedly this was going to be a weekly event, although with the organizer being a no-show I have my doubts. Still, if it's on the group for next Tuesday, I will go again. Because it really would be nice to do some more local gaming. As opposed to flying to Seattle for it. Not that I don't love you Seattle people. But still.


Fred wanted to get together this weekend, but I had invited Corwyn for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, and Corwyn had invited us for post-Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday, and I have been to cons on both of the previous weekends. So I kind of need a day where I am just sitting at home and vegging without trying to recover from massive sleep deprivation. This does mean that I need to email Fred about getting together the weekend after this one, though.  Because invitations. HARD.


Also: wow this is a lot of in-person social activity for me. o_o

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