Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Blackout, Mira Grant

This is the last of the Newsflesh trilogy. On the bright side: much less depressing than the first book. On the down side: the other problem I had with the first book ('some events don't make a lot of sense') only worsened as the series went on. By the end of the trilogy, I was pretty much left in summer action movie land: It's a good ride, but only if I don't think about it. Any time I stopped to think about it, I was thrown further out of the story by the many ways in which it made no sense, even given the rules of the setting.


I'll put it a 7. It's good popcorn material, but it lacks the kind of brilliance that a massive conspiracy story really needs in order to hang together well.

Tags: book review, books, review
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