Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

2013 Goals

So here's what I want to do:

Keep score

I like having the record, so even though I'm pretty bad at attending to it, I'm gonna keep doing it. I was going to throw out last year's fiddly scoring system, but the completion bonus idea is one I actually love now that I remember it existed. I am going to stick the scoring system into the spreadsheet so I can remember it when I'm updating, instead of having to refer back to a journal entry.

Score 30,000 Points

This may be unduly ambitious -- my score for 2012 was 27,000 -- but what the heck. I do wish I'd written more last year, and the fat bonuses for finishing things ought to make this (a) achievable and (b) give me incentive to finish stories instead of starting new ones all the time.

Write more fiction

One of the oddities of writing and me is that I think of my favorite part about writing is hearing back from people about it -- eg, comments on the entry. But this is obviously not my actual favorite part, because if it were, I'd write about politics and economics, and other controversial topics. Because that's what people love to comment on. I used to think this was just me, but then haikujaguar remarked on the phenomenon too. I suspect it's in part that people have more to say about controversial topics, and one part that people don't think of reading fiction as a discussion or a conversation the way they do about controversies, or even about everyday life. Anyway, I also write because I like re-reading what I've written, and I generally like re-reading my fiction better than my nonfiction. So I need to do more of that. I'm aiming for 2/3rds of my score to be from fiction. This ... will be a lot easier than it sounds, because the big completion bonuses are all from fiction and there's no way I am going to make 30,000 without a bunch of those.

Post the occasional update

I'll shoot for "four status updates a year".

Revise the system as necessary

The scoring thing exists to (a) get me to produce more stuff that I enjoy and am glad to have created and (b) make me happy. If it's not doing that, it is failing and I need to do something else. Future Self, you have Past Self's permission to Change the Plan if it makes you miserable. Got that? Great.
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