Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Three Good Things

the_gneech was posting about this -- it's basically a happiness exercise, and I would link to his post and source except that my phone does not feel like copying today. (It probably thinks I need to be more original).

This is the sort of thing I don't do because I am afraid it will be repetitious and boring and I won't keep it up and where would I write it down if not in my LJ? But today it strikes me that these are pretty stupid reasons. If people are bored by it, the scrollbar is right there. And "because I might not continue" is not an awesome reason to never start. So, whatever, three good things about yesterday:

1. I sent my daily letter out! I have actually kept going on the February letter-writing project, much to my surprise. It was a response to a letter I received on Monday, which would totally have made my good-things-about-Monday list if I was going back to Monday, but I'm not.
2. Playing games with [profile] terrycloth, which I have done most every evening Mon-Wed for years, but still look forward to. My Star Wars character made level 39!
3. Biking in the evening. I love that it's light enough and warm enough (albeit barely) on some evenings that I can bike outside again. Way more fun than in the dreary Basement of Doom.
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