Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Good things

1. Lut came with me to Tabletop last night, so we could borrow Fred's copy of Trajan and play with a couple of people from Tabletop instead of making Fred play. (Lut and I like Trajan more than Fred does, and Fred prefers to keep playing new games anyway.)
2. It is delightfully easy to snag people willing to learn new boardgames at the Tabletop boardgame nights. I grabbed two people to join us as they walked in the door (Steve and Josh) and they were as happy to be invited as we were to have them.
3. It's Friday!
4. Lut made dinner last night with yummy steamed veggies and rice, so I had a healthy dinner and have a healthy lunch for today.
5.[Company name redacted] is not my problem at work any more. They haven't been for 9 months, mind, but I was reminded this morning of how glad I am to have them be somebody else's problem.
6. It should be warm enough to exercise outside at least once this weekend. yay!
Tags: 3 good things, life

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