Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Good things

1. Lut and I played "Clash of Cultures" on Saturday, about which I said, "This is a decent board game, but it really makes me want to go home and play CivV again. On Sunday, at Lut's suggestion, the two of us did just that. He defaulted to "Prince" without realizing that's a level or two easier than our usual, but I didn't care. It's been a lovely relaxing game where Lut and I are mostly cooperating (not technically a team game, but we try to warn each other about the wonders we're working on and keeping up research agreements and suchlike.) I am looking forward to finishing the game! Regardless of who wins.
2. After being uncertain for two days about the scene I was working on in "A Rational Arrangement", I decided to skip past it instead and now I am back to writing away merrily on the subsequent scenes.
3. Alinsa sent me not just a letter in reply to one of mine, but PRESENTS! ♥
4.Another couple of friends told me they'd enjoyed my letters. I feel like the Month of Letters is still paying dividends. :)
5. Daylight Savings Time means I don't have to worry about it being too dark to exercise after work. ("Too cold" is still a potential issue, though).
6. The eclairs we got from Perkins are messily delicious.
Tags: 3 good things, life

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