Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Three Good Things

the_gneech started doing these again, reminding me that I'd stopped. Like a good sheeple, I will start again now until I get bored and/or forget.

1. I went to Washington DC the weekend before last, to visit telnar, and totally forgot to write about it, but had a lovely trip. Left Friday evening and returned Sunday night so that I wouldn't have to schedule time off, which simplifies the process. This was the first plane trip I'd manage to take since October; we'd scheduled it six months ago to put inertia on our side for a change (we'd been saying 'we should get together' for a while now, but it'd be 'the next couple of months don't look good', over and over.) Go inertia!
2. Lut experimented with mug cupcakes while I was gone, and tonight I made my favorite of the recipes (so far) for both of us. :9
3. I worked about 14 hours on Tuesday (drove to and back from Tulsa for training) so the rest of this week I get to go home early. Whee!
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